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General Information

2022 29ers Youth Football Registration is now live and ready for parents and guardians to register their kids. 29ers Youth Football is open to kids going into 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade that attend West Monona, Westwood, or Whiting Community Schools. Registration will remain open until August 5th at 11:45PM and you must complete your registration online at under the football tab. If your child is starting 3rd grade or just never played before, you will need to create an account on the youth sports website to be able to register, otherwise those that have registered their kids in the past just need to login in to your existing account like you have done in the past.

There are two payment options to choose from, full pay and a two pay option. 29ers Youth Football also offers scholarships to families that may need extra financial help. Please contact a board member as scholarships are done on a case by case basis. 29ers will provide each player with a helmet, shoulder pads, padded football pants and a mouth guard. The league also provides each player with a new game jersey. If you child played last year, please check to see if their jersey from last year still fits or if they will need a bigger size (please remember that the jersey will go over shoulder pads so the jersey size may be different then what your child's current tee shirt size is). We will have jerseys for new players to try on at the fitting to make sure they get the proper size.

An equipment fitting will take place in Onawa on August 7th starting at 2pm for players going into 6th grade, 2:15pm for players going into 5th grade, 2:30pm for players going into 4th grade, and 2:45 for players going into 3rd grade. The fitting will take place at Onawa Self Storage which is located on the north end of Onawa on 10th Street. Our storage unit is on the south side of the facility. Its is important that you get your child to the fitting so that they can be properly fitted for their helmet and shoulder pads. This also lets us know if we need to order additional equipment. If you can not attend the fitting you will need to arrange a time with your child's coach to pickup equipment after practices start.

29ers is looking for an individual to act as the head coach for this years 3rd grade team as well as assistant coaches for that group as well. If you are interested in coaching or assisting with this group, please mark yes next to that question when you register your child.

The first practice will be on August 15th at 6pm in Onawa behind the high school. Once registration is complete, each coach will receive a list of their players and contact information. Coaches will reach out to players and parents about practices and games. We do not have a game schedule but we do know that games will start on September 10th. Once we get the game schedules from our league, we will get those to coaches so they can hand those out to parents.  Practices are general Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-8pm and we rotate between practicing in Onawa and Sloan ever other week through the season.

If you have an incoming 3rd grader and you are on the fence about signing your child up for tackle football, please reach out to Barry or myself. We have both had multiple kids come through the 29ers organization and would be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have about your child playing tackle football. 29ers strives to provide a fun and safe learning environment for all players. At least one coach at each grade level is certified with USA Football which means they have complete an online course that teaches proper heads up tackling fundamentals as well as other aspects of coaching youth tackle football. 

Questions, contact the following:

Barry Worrell @ 712-870-1867     Nick Holverson @ 712-420-9911     

Mission Statement

The 29ers Youth Football Program which is comprised of students from the West Monona, Westwood and Whiting school districts is a non-profit organization that supports encourages and enables youth to benefit from participating in football in a safe and structured environment.  Through our program we teach sportsmanship, fundamentals, teamwork, skills and knowledge that youth will use throughout their lives.